Woman Warrior!

I hope the title isn’t too cheesy LOL I am definitely not an artist of words…I had planned on a crazy awesome blog full inspiring words… but I have nothing this women is inspiring!!
I have done two session for her the first one was done sort of fast an furious you might say! She had contacted me at one point asking about a session I told her the information, and she said she would get back to me. Then I heard from her it must have been the week she found out she had cancer. She told me she was going to Mayo that weekend and wanted to know if I could fit her in.  I couldn’t say no, it was a busy week with my white sheet session in tow, however I can’t say no to something like this a remembrance session of a different kind! Hope this statement from her helps you understand.
“One week before I went in for my mastectomy I did something for myself…..to sort of remember the “me” that was. Hope this picture does not offend anybody but I just wanted something to make me feel pretty and boy, did she do a great job of it! This poor left breast is no longer….but oh well, on to a new chapter. Thank you to Sassy Susie Glamor & Boudoir for your professionalism and creativity…you captured everything I wanted and then some. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Michelle
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In her progression through treatment I remember telling her I wanted to do a session with someone going through what she was going through and really to display that a woman is beautiful no matter what physical attributes are “missing”  really I wanted to do a bald is beautiful and no matter what storm you are fighting you can do it and still feel powerful and beautiful at the same time! This Beauty does it with grace and smile on her face (most of time lol) She is a very positive and amazing person and proud to call her a friend!
“These were taken by my dear friend Susie. Her work is amazing…..she made me feel beautiful at a time when I really don’t always feel it on the inside. Losing a part of what makes you a woman tends to take something from you…..she captured what i wanted…and mostly, needed.” ~ Michelle
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