What we do for Love and Men Part II

So the story continues she had an Idea, she wanted to incorporate something that the two of them like to do quite a bit. For this idea I threw out the idea of maybe an outdoor session if the weather will cooperate, I mean this is January in North Dakota we are speaking of!!! This Winter has been cold for sure it seemed like things were starting to warm up for a while the beginning of the month, we had to reschedule her second session because he kept surprising her by taking days off to go out of town or going to do one of their favorite activities, snow boarding!

So we finally got everything together, she came and Ju’tone did her hair and makeup. The sun was beyond gorgeous and perfect that day. I had two locations in mind for this set up .. so we drove to the first much to our surprise when we got there they had closed off one of the road so .. in the process of pulling up we thought we could just driving around one of the buildings back on to the main road as there was what we thought a road around this maintenance building!!! Well you know how the snow falls then melts then more snow falls on top somehow we got the vehicle off of the packed snow and got Jutone’s vehicle stuck in the snow!!! Since the wardrobe for these pics were less than what one would normally wear outside we waited for help to pull us out as we were pretty darn stuck!!! The sun was falling fast as it does in the winter… I would have Killed for 10PM sunset this day!!! So by the time the we were unstuck we literally had 10 minutes to shoot!!! Amazing through teeth jittering with all parties we capture some pretty great images… It was so COLD!!!!  This shoot was so much fun, even if it was barely above 0!!!!!


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