What we do for Love and Men Part I


Meet the unique and beautiful Unique… LOL .. what a way to start out a blog!!!  She sent me a message on Facebook inquiring about a session, to give her significant other a christmas gift to be remembered, to be honest when I saw her name at first and of course pair it with her last name I thought it was weird it didn’t sound like a real name … when I replied and we started going back forth I obviously realized that she was indeed a real person!  After meeting her in person she is a unique and beautiful person. Her session was filled with laughs and giggles, we cruised through her session and we even got to use the beautiful flower wall!!  So in one of our original conversations I told her ahead of time I couldn’t guarantee product in time for christmas, when she came to her reveal session she loved them but I could tell something was on her mind so then we discussed that she had wanted to do some with a prop that you will soon see in part 2 (if you follow my facebook page you may have an idea already) of this blog.. we did another session together and unknowingly her significant other would soon have a stellar valentines day gift!!

Unique Part 1

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