Giggly & Radiant

Meet Mrs. C she is fun giggly and really a great person! She came to me through Erica. Mrs. P is a Doula! She was a lot of fun to work with my favorite part was her giggle and although I imagine outside of the circumstances she is a truly happy and giggly person I imagine she was a little bit nervous! I can’t say I blame her! Everyone feels this way when the first come in to the studio for her session. Once you are there and having your hair and makeup done your nerves will calm! My staff is accustomed to the setting and the fact that you just might be running around in your bra and panties at some point during the day!

Check out the facebook picture i posted with her giggling.. one of my favorites!

and a short quote this week..

“If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”

~ Marilyn Monroe

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