Beautiful Miss {M}

So I write my blog posts weekly and then with a little help from my great friend Kandice, she perfects the wording for me because frankly I am a horrible writer! She is great with words, I am so thankful for her talents! So today I am writing and posting without her editing help, as she is in Las Vegas and getting married this Friday!! So Excited for her!! Have fun girl!! 😉

Today you will meet Miss {M} She was so much fun to work with she was excited and nervous at the same time totally normal I am sure you have heard me say that before.  So {M} was very quiet at first but as soon I lifted my camera and gave a little direction she started to glow and let go and had fun!! I remember her saying “I see why you like doing this it’s so much fun!”  I know I have said this before but the idea of playing dress up really does appeal to everyone!

“To start telling people that you’re beautiful, or just feel beautiful, just start acting like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. And it really improves everything! Because your sort of psyche responds to it – like this is truthful! “ ~ Margaret Cho

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