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slp social mediaGetting back in my element has brought me to new heights. With fun filled sessions, I thought I’d share my experiences with you all. I’ll be active on social media during shoots, editing, and any free time I get. Like we need anymore social media in our life, right? If you want to follow the journey, click the links below.

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Susie Q.

I’m Back & Ready To Shoot!



Summer is approaching and the sun is shining. Earlier sunrises and later sunsets mean that there are more hours in the day. Thank God, don’t we all need that? It’s been quite hectic for me and I want to apologize for my small hiatus. Life just happens and I had to take a step back from photography to take a breather. Don’t worry, everything has been going well.

I’ve been very eager to start shooting again. I just want to get back in the groove and start doing what I love. This summer I will have some weekend openings for photoshoots.

We are all stunning creatures in our own way. Let me help you love your body, and if you already do, let me help celebrate your beauty through photography. I will bring you an experience that will leave you feeling beautiful and more confident than ever! I do this to remind you that as you move through everyday life not to lose sight of who you are and to love yourself again.

Not only do I capture the your beauty, I capture the beautiful moments in your life. From birth photography and some family shoots, I am here to help you embrace yourself and those in your life.JohnsN-12

I will have openings the weekend of June 10-12, 2016. Make sure to message me or shoot me an email if you have any questions. I would love to chat with you. Talk to you all soon!

<3 Susie

Woman Warrior!

I hope the title isn’t too cheesy LOL I am definitely not an artist of words…I had planned on a crazy awesome blog full inspiring words… but I have nothing this women is inspiring!!
I have done two session for her the first one was done sort of fast an furious you might say! She had contacted me at one point asking about a session I told her the information, and she said she would get back to me. Then I heard from her it must have been the week she found out she had cancer. She told me she was going to Mayo that weekend and wanted to know if I could fit her in.  I couldn’t say no, it was a busy week with my white sheet session in tow, however I can’t say no to something like this a remembrance session of a different kind! Hope this statement from her helps you understand.
“One week before I went in for my mastectomy I did something for myself… sort of remember the “me” that was. Hope this picture does not offend anybody but I just wanted something to make me feel pretty and boy, did she do a great job of it! This poor left breast is no longer….but oh well, on to a new chapter. Thank you to Sassy Susie Glamor & Boudoir for your professionalism and creativity…you captured everything I wanted and then some. I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Michelle
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In her progression through treatment I remember telling her I wanted to do a session with someone going through what she was going through and really to display that a woman is beautiful no matter what physical attributes are “missing”  really I wanted to do a bald is beautiful and no matter what storm you are fighting you can do it and still feel powerful and beautiful at the same time! This Beauty does it with grace and smile on her face (most of time lol) She is a very positive and amazing person and proud to call her a friend!
“These were taken by my dear friend Susie. Her work is amazing…..she made me feel beautiful at a time when I really don’t always feel it on the inside. Losing a part of what makes you a woman tends to take something from you…..she captured what i wanted…and mostly, needed.” ~ Michelle
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What we do for Love and Men Part II

So the story continues she had an Idea, she wanted to incorporate something that the two of them like to do quite a bit. For this idea I threw out the idea of maybe an outdoor session if the weather will cooperate, I mean this is January in North Dakota we are speaking of!!! This Winter has been cold for sure it seemed like things were starting to warm up for a while the beginning of the month, we had to reschedule her second session because he kept surprising her by taking days off to go out of town or going to do one of their favorite activities, snow boarding!

So we finally got everything together, she came and Ju’tone did her hair and makeup. The sun was beyond gorgeous and perfect that day. I had two locations in mind for this set up .. so we drove to the first much to our surprise when we got there they had closed off one of the road so .. in the process of pulling up we thought we could just driving around one of the buildings back on to the main road as there was what we thought a road around this maintenance building!!! Well you know how the snow falls then melts then more snow falls on top somehow we got the vehicle off of the packed snow and got Jutone’s vehicle stuck in the snow!!! Since the wardrobe for these pics were less than what one would normally wear outside we waited for help to pull us out as we were pretty darn stuck!!! The sun was falling fast as it does in the winter… I would have Killed for 10PM sunset this day!!! So by the time the we were unstuck we literally had 10 minutes to shoot!!! Amazing through teeth jittering with all parties we capture some pretty great images… It was so COLD!!!!  This shoot was so much fun, even if it was barely above 0!!!!!


What we do for Love and Men Part I


Meet the unique and beautiful Unique… LOL .. what a way to start out a blog!!!  She sent me a message on Facebook inquiring about a session, to give her significant other a christmas gift to be remembered, to be honest when I saw her name at first and of course pair it with her last name I thought it was weird it didn’t sound like a real name … when I replied and we started going back forth I obviously realized that she was indeed a real person!  After meeting her in person she is a unique and beautiful person. Her session was filled with laughs and giggles, we cruised through her session and we even got to use the beautiful flower wall!!  So in one of our original conversations I told her ahead of time I couldn’t guarantee product in time for christmas, when she came to her reveal session she loved them but I could tell something was on her mind so then we discussed that she had wanted to do some with a prop that you will soon see in part 2 (if you follow my facebook page you may have an idea already) of this blog.. we did another session together and unknowingly her significant other would soon have a stellar valentines day gift!!

Unique Part 1

Welcome 2014


Well here we it is February, and once again I am trying to break into the habit of blogging. I am terrible with words to be honest! I know blogging is important it allows me to share things about myself, answer questions you may have and maybe help get to know me better! Why is that important, well for a boudoir photographer it is essential!  Every genre of photography the photographer should get to know their client on some level. Boudoir is so intimate and every one of my stunning girls undoubtedly comes in to the session feeling vulnerable, nervous, ready to turn around because of their own insecurities they fear they don’t look beautiful because they have been taught by society to believe there is a guideline for standards of beauty and they don’t fit that mold but yearn to feel beautiful.  So, I mean most of us don’t really walk around in lingerie (or less) around just anyone right! We don’t even want to stand in front of a full length mirror let alone in front of someone we met just once before, if I am being honest here I don’t think I have looked at myself in a full length mirror in a long time and some of you are coming into the studio for the first time that’s crazy town isn’t it!!!!  With all that being said I wanted to start off 2014 laying down a few things that may have crossed your mind things you have considered about doing a boudoir shoot things that maybe have stopped you from booking your own session!

First off Privacy, any of the images you see online or in person on samples are all used with the written consent of the beauty you see in the image. There are many women who wanted their identity protected and we respect your wishes fully.  Model releases aren’t even presented for you to sign until you have received your order, when you come to pick up your products that are when I ask for permission to use images from your session you have control over what is shared if any!! I always feel blessed when I am allowed to share new images and I can’t thank you enough for that chance, it give me the opportunity to share new techniques or maybe body shapes that you may not have seen me show as having the ability to shoot before!

I want to blog about each and every one of you that come into the studio but not sure I will be able to keep up, I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. I am going to start 2014 looking back on the amazing women that I have had the opportunity to have in my presence in 2013 if I didn’t blog about you don’t worry I will try and fit you in and if I can’t I will apologize ahead of time. Of course if you didn’t want your images shown I won’t blog about you. I mean I am photographer so naturally will images will come with every blog post! I also want to use this format to share a little about me and my family, I want you to know who it is you’re coming to see and maybe find something we can relate and chat about!

I hope 2014 will be amazing for you, I am pretty confident it will be one of my best years yet, we get better with age right 😉




I have never been much of a crush kind of person I don’t know if I can explain or if you can even relate sometimes it feels like everyone lusts over someone and does with passion, in a way I can not relate.  There are few men that really turn my head sure there are tons I think are fantastic looking but drool over mmm not so much.  I was having this conversation with my husband and I think I hurt his feelings a little I was like well yeah I have a crush on you! I love him I think he is adorable (sexy too 😉 )  And then I got to thinking well yeah I guess I have a crush on him.. and started to thinking about it  but why I do I have a crush on him.. He makes me feel like a queen, wants to give me the world.. spoils me whenever he can, Just makes me feel beautiful, and we can carry on an intelligent conversation and laugh together, so I guess I have to get to know you before I can actually have a crush (I am complicated like that lol) I do have crushes for people who are giving and I don’t mean just donating to causes I talking about the people who create movements or programs to help humanity..

So since I am photographer of Women not Men I want to share my top 5 women that I would love to photograph for various reasons.

1. P!nk – I have loved Pink since “can’t take me home” came out in 2000. I admire her for her take no prisoners type attitude she has strong personality and isn’t afraid to do what she wants. I want to have a sprinkle of this to not have fear.  I also have a tendency to do crazy stuff with my hair, so I love her for that.

2. Kat Von D: I love a gorgeous women covered in beautiful tattoos, I love what an incredible entrepreneur she has become, I mean she rocks those makeup palette and I have a little bit of an obsession with those palettes I am not sure why LOL

3. Charlize Theron – I love her accent, what can I say I am a sucker for an accents. She is gorgeous!

4. Oprah: She probably isn’t who you thought I would pick, but like I said in my whole thing about crushes I fall for people who are more than they appear on the outside, I really love people for who they are, and you can’t deny that she has done a lot for a lot of people.

5. Anna Kendrick – This one is really for my husband, I mean hey the bonus of being married to a boudoir photographer he can fantasize a little right 😉  this is what he says: Well she is hot…and super funny…and normal…like the female Macklemore* of actresses.

In all honesty my friends and clients are my top choices they are amazing if it weren’t for them I couldn’t be on this path if it weren’t for their support I would never imagined being were i am today!

Those of you unfamiliar with Macklemore he is a Seattle based rap artist (you may know him from that song “Thrift Shop” , you should really listen to the rest of his music)  who has does a lot to help kids in his community (through his own ups and downs) , and really my husband and I are truly inspired by him.

I have decided though I am going to do a Crushes Pt 2 😉

One Of my Clients and one of my personal Celebrities 😉  (you all are!!)





Too Hot!

So this was a sort of test shoot for me one I have worked with topless, but not full nude and I really wanted a little more practice with both topless and Nude, just to be more comfortable around and refining the posing. On top of that I wanted to practice some lighting technique that I had been inspired by. So here is a combination of those things.

I can’t thank this lovely model enough for braving and baring all for the sake of art!!!

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