Welcome 2014


Well here we it is February, and once again I am trying to break into the habit of blogging. I am terrible with words to be honest! I know blogging is important it allows me to share things about myself, answer questions you may have and maybe help get to know me better! Why is that important, well for a boudoir photographer it is essential!  Every genre of photography the photographer should get to know their client on some level. Boudoir is so intimate and every one of my stunning girls undoubtedly comes in to the session feeling vulnerable, nervous, ready to turn around because of their own insecurities they fear they don’t look beautiful because they have been taught by society to believe there is a guideline for standards of beauty and they don’t fit that mold but yearn to feel beautiful.  So, I mean most of us don’t really walk around in lingerie (or less) around just anyone right! We don’t even want to stand in front of a full length mirror let alone in front of someone we met just once before, if I am being honest here I don’t think I have looked at myself in a full length mirror in a long time and some of you are coming into the studio for the first time that’s crazy town isn’t it!!!!  With all that being said I wanted to start off 2014 laying down a few things that may have crossed your mind things you have considered about doing a boudoir shoot things that maybe have stopped you from booking your own session!

First off Privacy, any of the images you see online or in person on samples are all used with the written consent of the beauty you see in the image. There are many women who wanted their identity protected and we respect your wishes fully.  Model releases aren’t even presented for you to sign until you have received your order, when you come to pick up your products that are when I ask for permission to use images from your session you have control over what is shared if any!! I always feel blessed when I am allowed to share new images and I can’t thank you enough for that chance, it give me the opportunity to share new techniques or maybe body shapes that you may not have seen me show as having the ability to shoot before!

I want to blog about each and every one of you that come into the studio but not sure I will be able to keep up, I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. I am going to start 2014 looking back on the amazing women that I have had the opportunity to have in my presence in 2013 if I didn’t blog about you don’t worry I will try and fit you in and if I can’t I will apologize ahead of time. Of course if you didn’t want your images shown I won’t blog about you. I mean I am photographer so naturally will images will come with every blog post! I also want to use this format to share a little about me and my family, I want you to know who it is you’re coming to see and maybe find something we can relate and chat about!

I hope 2014 will be amazing for you, I am pretty confident it will be one of my best years yet, we get better with age right 😉