I have never been much of a crush kind of person I don’t know if I can explain or if you can even relate sometimes it feels like everyone lusts over someone and does with passion, in a way I can not relate.  There are few men that really turn my head sure there are tons I think are fantastic looking but drool over mmm not so much.  I was having this conversation with my husband and I think I hurt his feelings a little I was like well yeah I have a crush on you! I love him I think he is adorable (sexy too 😉 )  And then I got to thinking well yeah I guess I have a crush on him.. and started to thinking about it  but why I do I have a crush on him.. He makes me feel like a queen, wants to give me the world.. spoils me whenever he can, Just makes me feel beautiful, and we can carry on an intelligent conversation and laugh together, so I guess I have to get to know you before I can actually have a crush (I am complicated like that lol) I do have crushes for people who are giving and I don’t mean just donating to causes I talking about the people who create movements or programs to help humanity..

So since I am photographer of Women not Men I want to share my top 5 women that I would love to photograph for various reasons.

1. P!nk – I have loved Pink since “can’t take me home” came out in 2000. I admire her for her take no prisoners type attitude she has strong personality and isn’t afraid to do what she wants. I want to have a sprinkle of this to not have fear.  I also have a tendency to do crazy stuff with my hair, so I love her for that.

2. Kat Von D: I love a gorgeous women covered in beautiful tattoos, I love what an incredible entrepreneur she has become, I mean she rocks those makeup palette and I have a little bit of an obsession with those palettes I am not sure why LOL

3. Charlize Theron – I love her accent, what can I say I am a sucker for an accents. She is gorgeous!

4. Oprah: She probably isn’t who you thought I would pick, but like I said in my whole thing about crushes I fall for people who are more than they appear on the outside, I really love people for who they are, and you can’t deny that she has done a lot for a lot of people.

5. Anna Kendrick – This one is really for my husband, I mean hey the bonus of being married to a boudoir photographer he can fantasize a little right 😉  this is what he says: Well she is hot…and super funny…and normal…like the female Macklemore* of actresses.

In all honesty my friends and clients are my top choices they are amazing if it weren’t for them I couldn’t be on this path if it weren’t for their support I would never imagined being were i am today!

Those of you unfamiliar with Macklemore he is a Seattle based rap artist (you may know him from that song “Thrift Shop” , you should really listen to the rest of his music)  who has does a lot to help kids in his community (through his own ups and downs) , and really my husband and I are truly inspired by him.

I have decided though I am going to do a Crushes Pt 2 😉

One Of my Clients and one of my personal Celebrities 😉  (you all are!!)