Tats and Beauty!

I have always loved tattoo’s I think they are a form of art and the body is the canvas. To me tattoos should have meaning, they are with you forever I currently have a vine with 4 leaves one representing my commitment to live a healthier life. I have to admit though I haven’t  been as committed lately as I would like to be but it is a constant reminder to love myself and work towards a greater goal, My other 3 leaves represent my journey of loosing 30lbs thus far and they also represent my husband and two daughters. When I met Ms. S I knew I would love her, I failed to get the story on her tattoos (I am sorry Ms. S). She came in the beginning of the hectic Valentines season, but I promise I will work on that!! Love everything about this girl!!

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”
~ Johnny Depp

IMG_8102-Edit-Edit-copy IMG_8119-Edit-Edit-copy

The Beautiful Ms {O}

I have been slacking for a few weeks on the blog (alright it has been a full month or better hasn’t it :O )  I am sorry everyone. I am also short for words today :(  Part of it is because a lot of my work over the last month and a half has been dedicated to Valentine’s Day gift shoots so you can imagine I didn’t have a whole lot to show you! Here is my favorite of Ms O .. So happy she came in for a shoot, you are beautiful!!