A Beautiful Soul

I am at a loss for words today but I wanted to share the beautiful and fun loving Mrs. K. She came to me through my Boudoir Soiree I had during the State Fair at the studio not at the fair lol.. just thought I should clarify!  I am amazed by this girl, she is beautiful and has a very giving soul. So for her to do this for herself I commend her for finding the time with her busy life, and I am sure glad she did!

Refreshingly Beautiful!

This is my co-studio owners little sister! When I asked if she would  model for me her bigger sister was on it and recruited her. We just opened the studio and I needed a chance to work through the challenges of learning how to shape and manipulate light in a new location especially in our new location with all the options we have now. So it was fun to not only try new set-ups but poses with the couches I had never been able to do. Thank you so much for putting up with me and your sister haha!! Thank you to our favorite make-up artist for the last minute call!

So without further ado here are my favorites.. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is smiling or even better laughing 😀

This one you may have seen in B&W I can’t decide which I like more 😀