The June Soiree and maybe neglect on my part

I have been neglecting my website terribly much. I want to say sorry for the neglect.We have been so busy getting the studio ready for sessions that I haven’t taken the time to share with you all that has been going on with my business that I love and my life.

So this post needs to be about the lovely ladies from my June soiree which happened about a month ago. The event I have been hosting at the Vegas Hotel since I started this journey. I have to say my thanks to Wendy and staff for allowing me to do these in the Beautiful honeymoon suite, as much as I loved the suite the thought of not having to lug tons of equipment up and down 3 flights of stairs is frankly exhilarating, not to say I wont ever shoot in a hotel again just not as often! So to the Honeymoon suite at The vegas and the Staff I say thank you!

Now I know I haven’t officially announced on my web page yet I am here to say I am thrilled, excited, and maybe a little nervous to officially have a studio that I share with an wonderful, talented a true friend Erica McCauley, you can find her on Facebook She specializes in Birth and Newborn Photography, check her out if you are expecting it is totally worth it! You can find us at the Bricks building 400 East Central Ave Suite 104, Minot, ND!!!!!

And now without further ado the Lovely ladies of June, I normally dedicate a post to each gal, I am sorry for being so behind love you all!! 😀

First is the Beautiful Kati!! She found me through the Bridal show I attended in January! Her eyes are stunning Right!!

Brandi found me while She and her husband were stationed in Hawaii, she knew they would be transferring here and since I had an opening she took it even though she had been here barely a week!!

I adored this outfit on Lacie, it really brought out that french feel with the black and white lace, the pearls and the flower hair clip which was made by a gal here in town Valerie Jordan you can find her on Facebook too!

Love this Girl! Her taste in shoes is totally rad she had a pair of green Iron fist shoes and the name of those particular heels were called “Zombie Stompers” yes my dear you heard me right haha!!

And of course though Laci and Kami each had their own session but I had to get one of the two of them together :D!!

I hope you keep up with me and one day decide to do this for yourself it is so much fun 😀

I think, and so far everyone has agreed!