Mom and Shelly =)

Shelly is a long time friend from when I used to work at ING. We worked in the records department together… for a couple of years? I think, Those years were sort of a blur I was just beginning my 20s. We had fun together goofed off a little while working 😛 .  ING is where I met my husband and eventually we moved to work at ING in Minneapolis.  Working in the cities was a lot of fun and a different experience, and I somehow convinced her to move down there so we got to hang out quite a bit before My husband and I made the choice to move back to North Dakota for his daughter.

So Shelly contacted me about doing photos of her and her mom and of course I said yes lets do it! I had planned on doing beautiful glamor outdoors but of course it was the end of May and you know how North Dakota weather is in the spring we get teased with an amazing warm up and then drop off to freezing for a bit. So we did the shoot mostly indoors, Mom wasn’t so sure about it at first but in the end I caught a little Sassiness 😀 and got a great couple of shots for them!

Love this one of Mother Daughter but My absolute favorite of the two of them I already posted to facebook. Check it out!  Shelly & Mom!