Modern Pin-up

Don’t know what Pin-up is? Let me see if I can define it for you. A pin-up is a girl generally whom modeled for mass-produced images generally magazines, newspapers, advertisements to attract men (naturally they posed with cars, motorbikes and that sort of thing) and later then in calendars to be pinned up in the 1940s and were intended for informal displays.

These pin-up girls usually posed in a flirty, and maybe mildly sexy way by today’s standards pretty mild. So when I say I did a pin-up session generally there is an element of flirtatiousness with a something reminiscent of the era in which the pin-up was born out of.

So this leads me to my friend and fellow photographer. She loves the pin-up genre and went searching for a cute dress to model with her smoking bike whom she has dubbed Hades. In case you are wondering she got her dress from the Bettie Page store, there is one at the Mall of America, and in Vegas of course.   I think it is safe to say we both had a a lot of fun doing this shoot and I am anxious to do more!

Jenn and her Beast Hades!

A little Flirty!