A Friend Like No Other

My Friend and essentially (in the industry) my co-worker ( in all technicality we in the industry though may be competition with each other, I like to consider fellow photographers as co-workers) had this idea that it would awesome to offer sessions for Mothers, Daughters, & Sisters.  So we did a glamor mother-daughter shoot.

They both had their makeup & hair professionally done by Ju’tone, and we set up a shoot.  We also brought in her daughter for a few shots, it was really a lot of fun for not only for  them but me as well. It is fun to see the relationships across generations and the love woman have for one another!

I want to tell you a little about Erica, I met her in June 2011. I met her in person at her grand opening for her new business called Studio share. I came to her grand opening to have a booth and introduce area photographers to Smugmug and the group I started up call a Smug.  I sometimes wonder if the relationship happened for a reason. If you dont know I am in Minot ND, Erica’s new business was not even a block from the mouse river. The little mouse made big news last year when it flood like never before and turned families lives upside down. I believe we were meant to meet, I think I was seeking a friend to confide in, to share a passion, and to help me with my painful lack of self-confidence.  Little did we know that barley a week later her studio would be no more. In the past month we both have grown by leeps and bounds I believe it is because she encourages and drives me, and she has even told me that if it were not for my drive and friendship, and the group I wanted to share with this area, she may not have picked up her camera again. I can’t blame her if a dream came to fruition only to be taken away in a week, how would you feel?

To Erica thank you for your constant support and confidence boost, I hope I offer equally as much support for you and your beautiful talent. Much Love to you!

March Boudoir Soiree Take 4 Miss {S}

This is Miss {S} she visited my table at the Marry Me Bridal show with her Fiance. He made the awesome mistake of telling her she wouldn’t have the guts to do a boudoir session. Well boys let this be a lesson never tell a woman she can’t do something because I can just about guarantee she will do her damnedest to prove you wrong above and beyond expectations!

Miss {S} was another one that just took my breath away,  I knew she was nervous but I think she did well and she was absolutely stunning no lie!


March Boudoir Soiree Take 3 Mrs {A}

Mrs A, another beautiful mom! If I had to pick one thing that is a favorite of each client I would have to say for her it is her beautiful tattoos, especially the one of the tree on her shoulder, is so beautifully done I want to hurry and make an appointment wherever this person is to perfect the vine on my arm, I love my tattoo but I want it to look more like her tree tattoo!  So you know I had to shoot a few that focused on her tattoos. This is another mom I admire, Her husband is a bee keeper who is gone 6 months out of the year, so naturally she was doing this session for him!! I cant wait to hear what his response is going to be. I love surprises.

March Boudoir Soiree Take 2 Miss {G}

So My First Boudoir Soiree went very well I think! So I decided to do it again! This time in March. This time around I was cool as a cumber.. OK maybe not that cool but I had my first big event under my belt and I was ready to rock and roll.

Miss G was a ton a fun willing to do anything she even got in the bubble bath! She brought some pretty awesome shoes, she figured out that I have a little of a shoe obsession!! If my logo doesn’t give it away then you will soon figure it out because I photograph all of my clients shoes while they get their hair and makeup done.

So the bath, you would think those mirrors might do crazy things to a picture but they don’t the bathtub area rocks! I fill it with as much bubble as we possibly can and then when she is ready I come in a shoot away. what is better than a day of hair, makeup and a bubble bath!

Shoes!! I told you LOL

and the Saucy one herself!

I think one of my absolute Favs!.. Its playful yet sexy!

March Boudoir Soiree Take 1 Miss {D}

Miss D was awesome, this girl is a lot like me doesn’t do her hair and makeup very often, though I am trying hard to make an effort to at least do it Monday through Friday! . Dont get me wrong I love makeup and hair products and the magic they produce, but I am kind of may a little lazy in this department.  I would love to hire someone to do my hair and makeup everyday!  Anyway it was so awesome to see her all dolled up! We shot some saucy and beautiful pictures of her. It was so rewarding to get a message on Facebook saying thank you and OMG I look gorgeous!


Valentine’s Boudoir Soriee: Take 4 Mrs {B}

Meet Mrs. B I went to high school with this very fun and bubbly girl! So we have known each other for sometime. So I guess you could say she is comfortable being in less than normal cloths LOL. This was actually her second boudoir session with me. When I first moved back, actually I think before I moved back even I told her about this type of photography and how much I wanted to do more of it. I thought Minot would love to have more of this type of photography around. So I had actually set up a session at her home, her friend did her hair and makeup and we shot and she modeled while I experimented a little more. I cant say how thankful I am for that opportunity and it helped me push forward on this idea.

So when I told Mrs B I would be doing this she pretty much jumped in for the ride! She also was willing to do the awesome bubble bath set that I get to offer when I shoot at the hotel. I am amazed by her really she has 3 very young children yet manages to keep things somewhat sane… I imagine with that many little ones running around you have your moments!! Even though you have a lot on your plate I love you Mrs B and thank you for allowing me to do this with you more than once!! OH and for helping me drag all of my S*** out .. that was a workout in and of itself.. since then I have learned a few tricks!



Valentine’s Boudoir Soriee: Take 3 Miss {O}

OK, So this girl has an amazing story!! I didn’t get as many details as everyone around me as I was working while she was getting her hair and makeup done. What I do know is that she was set up with a guy who is friends with one of my other clients. Miss {O} at the time of the Boudoir Soiree she had yet to meet him in person but she was doing the session for him and sending him the album. He was deployed to Guam, and so they communicated on Skype. Now they have officially met in person!

On to to Miss {O} she had beautiful to die for skin, and gorgeous green eyes to boot!